Afghani Magnum Auto


12 Seeds per pack non feminized. Auto-flowering.

Flowering Time 70 Days From Seed

Location Indoor / Outdoor

Type: Autoflowering Indica

Jordan of the Island’s first autoflowering marijuana seeds have arrived! The demand for autoflowering cannabis seeds has us breeding a choice Afghani with Buddha Seeds Magnum to create a beautiful marijuana plant. Even growers who have never grown an autoflowering strain should consider our Afghani Magnum, especially outdoors, where it finishes long before traditional harvests.

Grows best outdoors where it will become an above average size and possibly even monster sized plant. It’s growth will impress even the biggest autoflowering hater. Afghani Magnum can be grown indoors, but not in a small space. Should your plant outgrow its indoor space, you may transplant it to a large pot. Autoflowering marijuana seeds must start in the containers in which they will finish flowering in.
These strains do not like transplanting and it will stunt their growth. Afghani Magnum grows best on 20 hrs of light in large pots, but 18-6 and 12-12 is also doable. Jordan of the Islands is very excited to release our autoflowering marijuana seeds and we believe you will be equally as excited with the results.

Creamy dank smells, squat branchy plants.

Approximately 70-90 days from seed.

Great video featuring this strain:

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