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Black Cali Grapes (Grape Juice x Cali-O x Blackberry Bush) Super Dave Genetics




Black Cali Grapes
A breeding project involving Super Dave Genetics has created Black Cali Grapes a
three way pairing of Grape Juice x Cali-O x Blackberry Kush. The berry orange flavor
combination is stellar, with earthy kush undertones for lip smacking ganja goodness.
It’s a fast flowering (55 – 65 days), heavy yielding, medium sized marijuana plant with
some side branching. Black Cali Grapes is a very resinous, mostly indica, and very
hardy cannabis variety. New growers will enjoy its ease of growth while experienced
professionals will achieve optimum yields with an excellent cannabinoid profile.

Type: Indica
Flowering Time: 55 – 65 Days
Genetics: Grape Juice x Cali-O x Blackberry Kush