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Black G.D.P Haze (G.D.P x Haze x Malawi x Blackberry Kush) Full Spectrum Genetics




Black G.D.P. Haze
We developed Black G.D.P. Haze our sativa fanatics. A breeding project involving Full
Spectrum Genetics. Our four way pairing of G.D.P. x Haze x Malawi x Blackberry Kush
has created a sativa marijuana plant capable of great yields of very visually appealing
buds. The heady zippy effect is tempered by G.D.P. and Blackberry Kush. Anticipate
smooth spicy berry kushy aromas and flavors. Black G.D.P. Haze is new grower
friendly, because unlike some tricky Haze crosses, it’s not difficult to grow. Some kind
of topping or LST is suggested as this cannabis plant sativa side can make it rather tall
and branchy. The G.D.P. and Blackberry Kush add weight to the final cured product.

Type: Sativa
Flowering Time: 65 – 75 Days
Genetics: G.D.P. x Haze x Malawi x Blackberry Kush