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Blackberry Hammer (9 lb Hammer x Blackberry Kush) Jinx Proof Genetics




Blackberry Hammer
Jordan of the Island bred our finest Blackberry Kush with Jinx Proof Genetics heavy
yielding, indica dominant 9lb Hammer. The results are a very berry, fruity indica
hammer with hints of kush goodness. It’s fast flowering (50 – 60 Days), easy to grow,
but very bushy. Blackberry Hammer may overtake your space if you don’t spend time
doing some kind of low stress training, topping or even pruning. The impressive yields
makes Blackberry Hammer an ideal cash cropper, but the flavors and aromas make it
even better craft producer.

Type: Indica
Flowering Time: 50 – 60 Days
Genetics: 9lb Hammer x Blackberry Kush