Blue Cheese X God’s Green Crack


Blue Cheese x God’s Green Crack

There is an incredible lineage behind this Jordan of the Island marijuana variety, Blueberry, Cheese, God Bud, Green Crack. However, it’s not a four way cross. Jordan of the Island’s Blue Cheese was crossed with our God’s Green Crack from some of our finest marijuana genetics.

The quick flowering (55 – 65 days), easy to grow, heavy yielding indica sativa hybrid will delight people with its final product. Its eye popping purple coloring combined with an alert, but chill focus makes it ideal for people looking for fantastic effects and incredible bag appeal.

Like many of our marijuana strains these buds are dense, heavy, compact, with gorgeous rich purple coloring. When fed, flushed correctly and properly cured, nugs will break up into a gorgeous green and purple hue. Blue Cheese x God’s Green Crack create’s a focused stoned state.  

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