Blue Cheese x Northern Lights


The Northern Lights truly shines on in this excellent pairing of our Blue Cheese and Northern Lights. Blue Cheese x Northern Lights is a fast flowering cannabis variety (55 – 65 days).

The medium sized cannabis plant has superb side branching and maybe ideal for screen of green or super crop growing. This heavy yielding cannabis plant will require staking, especially in the final weeks of flowering. Experience and new growers alike will be able to achieve excellent compact, dense, rock solid results when adhering to a proper feeding schedule. Buds have excellent visual appeal with a sparkling reddish green tinge.

Blue Cheese x Northern Lights produces an incredible amount of rich trichromes and its sugar leaf is top notch too. The old school Northern Lights aroma mixes wonderfully with Blue Cheese softer tastes. Jordan of the Islands is exceedingly proud of this Northern Lights pairing and veteran growers will appreciate it the classic vibe.

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