Blue Cheese x White Widow


Blue Cheese x White Widow
Our popular Blue Cheese has been crossed with classic marijuana strain White Widow to create Blue Cheese White Widow. A delicious sativa indica hybrid. These fast flowering marijuana seeds (65 days or less) are sure to please seasoned and novice growers alike. It’s a hardy easy to grow marijuana plant, producing ample heavy rock solid buds.

Dialing in your feeding scheduling creates stellar results and seasoned growers may yield some of their best cannabis ever. Jordan of the Island’s encourages you to feed this cannabis plant Remo Nutrients for best results. Remember to flush at least two weeks before harvesting for a clean tasting Blueberry, Cheese, White Widow flavor.

The Cheese isn’t the hardy kind offered by some cannabis seed breeders, but a mellow tasting variety. Classic White Widow shines on gorgeously with hints of Blueberry lurking with every toke. This Jordan of the Island variety is fantastic for people seeking a mellow stone that isn’t too sedate.

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