Blue Mac Crush



Jordan of the Island enthusiasts really enjoyed our God’s Mac that we opted to breed The MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) with our medium sized flavourful Blue Crush. The result is Blue Mac Crush (The Mac x Blue Crush), a densely flowered resinous variety that may develop hints of blue during the final days of flowering.

Blue Mac Crush marijuana seeds are indica sativa hybrids that grow very quickly during the vegetative phase. Can be grown in hydro or soil, and some kind of netting, topping, low stress training, or trellis is recommended. Miracle Alien Cookies is a popular marijuana variety with deep physical relaxation, adding Blue Crush elevates the mind for a deep mindful effect.

It’s a fast flowering variety (55-65 days), suitable for both new and experienced growers who want to dial in this out-of-the-world cannabis cultivar.


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