Candy Mac (Mac V2 X Candyshop)


This well balanced sativa / indica hybrid is a great pairing of Capulator Miracle Alien Cookies better known as the MAC V2 and Aficionado Genetics Candyshop. The results are a medium sized bushy cannabis plant with plenty of lateral branches, and big yields. It’s a fast flowering variety (60 – 65 days) that’s new grower friendly. Experienced growers will enjoy dialing in these marijuana seeds. Ideal for indoor grow tents, MAC V2 x Candyshop may also be grown outdoors in warmer climates. When grown correctly the buds become hefty, and you can anticipate THC levels will be excessively high too. An uplifting toke, MAC V2 x Candyshop has a unique flavor profile, uplifting happy effect, and great yields.

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