God’s Trainwreck


God’s Trainwreck – 12 non-feminized seeds per pack.

Flowering Time 60-70 Days

Location Indoor / Outdoor

Type Indica / Sativa

Jordan of the Island’s God Bud marijuana breeding program continues with an incredible pairing with the legendary sativa strain Trainwreck. An awesome psychedelic couch locking experience awaits with this, medium height, 60 – 70 day marijuana flowering strain. Fantastic for medicinal patients seeking pain relief and a mental stimulating high. When breeding God’s Trainwreck we sought out a plant that was more manageable than the traditional branchy and some say difficult to tame Trainwreck. God’s Trainwreck side branches are ideal for super cropping and will grow heavy buds requiring staking, but the centre cola should remain.

Easy to grow, medium size with great branching, requires staking, ample yielding, fairly quick flowering and very effective finished product.

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