God’s Green Crack


At Jordan of the Island’s we really adore our award winning God Bud, but sometimes the chill sedate relaxing vibe results in slow days. To solve this we’ve added some fantastic sativa zip via Green Crack. Be prepared to go for a mental couch ride with God’s Green Crack because the indica and sativa mix in these marijuana seeds are darn near perfect.

For a cannabis strain with such an uplifting sativa zip these marijuana seeds produce an incredible fast flowering plant (between 50-55 days/avg) with above average yields. God’s Green Crack retains God Bud’s hefty yields and short stocky nature.

Both Green Crack and God Bud are known to turn purple in the final 10 days of flowering. To really induce and get the most from these beautiful purple colors it’s best to lower the temperature. The plant responds by turning deep shades of purple.

TYPE: Indica/Sativa

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