Gods Poison


The pure sativa Durban Poison is crossed with my short compact God Bud to create Gods Poison – a sedate yet heady high.

These two cannabis strains (Durban Poison x God Bud) are completely opposite when it comes to finishing time, bud girth and plant structure – making them perfect Jordan of the Islands breeding material.

Durban Poison is known to be difficult to manage as it can grow very large and lanky and is suggested for experienced marijuana growers.

These challenges are greatly reduced with first time grower friendly God Bud, which grows short, finishes flowering quickly and produces exceedingly dense buds.

Gods Poison is perfect pairing of these two stellar marijuana strains – a mid sized plant, heavy buds and decent flowering time.

This brand new offering from Jordan of the Islands will please both sativa and indica growers with its uniqueness.


55-65 Days


God's Poison
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