Lemon Crush


The lemony zing, blueberry blast, and skunky after-bite from our Lemon Crush marijuana seeds has been crafted from a Jordan of the Islands zesty Lemon Skunk and a Blue Crush.

It’s a fast flowering (55 – 65 days), medium to tall height marijuana plant, with ample yields of sticky resinous nugs. The variety takes well to topping, treslis-ing, and Lemon Crush (Lemon Skunk x Blue Crush) will grow in soil and hydro equally well.

An indica/sativa hybrid, the dense buds  give off a rich lemon berry aroma in final weeks of flowering. Lemon Crush is new marijuana grower friendly, but seasoned growers can dial in the genetics for a superior aroma, flavour, and incredible uplifting grounded effect profile.

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