Purple Berry Skunk


Purple Berry Skunk – 12 Seeds per pack. Non-Feminized.

Jordan of the Island’s sativa dominant Purple Skunk was crossed with our fruitiest Blueberry cultivar to create the berry tasty Purple Berry Skunk. Proper training will keep Purple Berry Skunk from over taking your grow space, but when given room to grow to its maximum potential this awesome variety may become tree like. Regardless of its overall size, this cultivar will produce ample yields for the personal and craft grower. The Skunk stink is truly overpowering and the berry adds a sweetness that has to be experienced to be believed. A fast flowering variety, Purple Berry Skunk can become very purple colored in the final weeks of flowering. When the temperature is really brought down in the final 7 days before harvesting it can display some of the most gorgeous dark purple hues on flowers and fan leaves.

Flowering Time 60 – 65 Days

Genetics Purple Skunk x Blueberry

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