Romulan x Hot Rod



An exceedingly stinky Jordan of the Island creation crafted from a west coast legend Romulan and Dungeon Vault Genetics Hot Rod (Motorbreath #15 x Grandpa’s Breath). This marijuana plant will require plenty of good airflow and filtering to keep the stench down. Consider replacing your carbon filter before starting. Romulan x Hot Rod is a tall lanky marijuana strain with a 9 – 10 week flowering time and above average yields. It’s suggested not vegging these marijuana seeds long as the plant is known for its size and works best in a screen of green garden. Buds will need support! Sativa dominant with plenty of bag appeal, this pairing (Romulan x Hot Rod) is excellent for people who are looking for a uplifting soaring clear headed effect. Both marijuana strains are known for their overwhelming unique aromas, plants glittering in trichomes, and long lasting high.

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