White Berry OG


White Berry OG – 12 Seeds per pack. Non-feminized.

Who crossed OG Kush with White Berry – we did. White Berry OG is for people who love the Blue Window but want a kick of the OG Kush too. White Berry OG is a bushy, fast flowering, indica dominant, Cannabis plant capable of heavy yields of delicious resinous buds. Sometimes referred to as Blue Widow or Berry White, we have to been known to refer to this variety as Berry White OG because the OG Kush makes it so badass. Easy to grow, White Berry OG will be an enjoyable variety for new growers and seasoned pros alike. It doesn’t take much effort to produce quality product, but those with experience and skills will find themselves harvesting some of the best buds they’ve ever grown with little effort.

Flowering Time 60 – 65 Days

Genetics Blue Widow x OG Kush

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